Do you crave handmade craftsmanship? Do you want a rifle built specifically for you, built for your needs, and with a level of quality that is evident the moment it touches your hands? Are you the type who hones your skills until your confidence is unwavering and your actions are second nature? If you need a gun that is an extension of your mind, body, and soul, then a Bergara Custom is the rifle for you.

Every Bergara custom rifle is built one at a time by Bergara’s expert gunsmiths. Each custom rifle is built at our Bergara custom shop facility in Richmond Hills, Georgia. Bergara custom rifles are guaranteed capable of producing sub .5 MOA or better groups at 100 yards with quality factory ammunition. Used by expert hunters, competitive long-range shooters, and law enforcement professionals throughout the world, Bergara Custom rifles offer unmatched quality and performance.

Bergara Custom Rifles are built by hand using the highest quality components available, including renowned Bergara barrels and Bergara Premier Action. Bergara’s Custom Series firearms are 100 percent unique to your needs. Our expert gunsmiths will walk you through options, assess the environment in which you’ll be using your rifle, and build accordingly. The result is your new Bergara Custom, one of the finest rifles in the world, capable of shooting sub .5 MOA groups at 100 yards.

To order your Bergara Custom rifle, please contact our Bergara custom shop

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